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  dear sir or madame,

  it is with great pleasure that i write to recommend courtney alexander to you. i have known courtney for the pst two years and have had the pleasure of having her in my united states history class during her junior. in the class she ws one of the most outstanding students. at the semester final she earned high grade of 91, which should be a according to our grading system. i also found her good at other studies. after classes, she had personal talks with me many times. she indicated a great interest in teching. during tht time i found her to be a bright, diligent, friendly youn woman. besides, courtney is not afraid of hard work, and is a team plyer. her ability to work with her clssmates is a special quality that will benefit her as she moves on to the next level. throughout the year, she worked cooperatively with those seated around her in reviewing notes, going over possible examination materials, and working through some of the more difficult concepts.through her contributions to my class, the promissing young girl helped not only herself, but also others around her who were not progressing and improving as quickly as she could. courtney alexander is undoubtedly a student with the potential for great success at the next level. in my opinion, courtney alexander was born a teacher, which can be further developed and she is sure to give all of you a big surprise in the years to come. so i enthusistically recommend her for admission to your university.

  if you have any questions or concerns in regards to courtney, plese feel free to contact me at . thank you for your time.




  我是一名自助游爱好者,计划于20xx年x月x日带13岁的儿子出发去澳洲自助旅游,2月23日回国,这段时间是他的寒假期间。澳洲美丽的自然环境和繁华的现代都市都深深吸引着我,Gold Coast、Great Barrier Reef、Great Ocean Road、Phillip Island、 SYDNEY 、 BRISBANE 、CAIRNS 、MELBOURNE。我希望能利用假期带儿子一起领略澳洲怡人的风光。我保证遵守当地法规,按时回国,因为:








  Dear Mary,

  My colleague Jenny will go to the Department of Language and Linguistics to work as a visiting scholar for three months at your renowned university。I have always expected the two of you to meet, and this seems to be a perfect opportunity。

  I have given your phone numbers to her and she may call you if she needs your help。I think she will have no trouble with her registration and accommodation。Perhaps you can show her around the campus or even the city when you have time。

  I am sure that you will find an outgoing and intelligent girl in her just as you。You will become good friends in no time。 Your kindness will always be appreciated and remembered。

  Sincerely yours,



  ear Professor:

  Mr Ma requested a letter of reference from me to support his application for graduate

  studies at your university. As his tutor when he prepared his project design for graduation, I am pleased to comply with his request.

  I became acquainted with Mr Ma when I met him on my class,his excellent capacity for analytical thinking and ability to express his ideas orally and I remembered his name at once. But I was astonihed by his learning ability; he listened to my lesson with his thought, especially when I taught them some emphases and difficulties of the course.I was impressed by his unique views about these difficulties which reflected his thought and logic better than othis students.

  I am glad to recommend this excellent boy who already possessed good quality and strong ability. I thisefore lend his my enthusiastic support and would appreciate you favorable consideration of his application.

  Sincerely yours xxx


  Dear Sir or Madame:

  Hello ! I m XX ,I feel I will be fit for the job needed in your company. Im 22 years old and in good health. After graduation from XXXXa middle school, I have studied IT for many years. I am a better man.Do well in personal

  responsibility ,I am good at both operating a PC,I like palying

  basketball.computer and listening to the music.Im interested in the position .I want very much to be accepted by your company. Ill work hard if I can be a member in your company.


dear mr. / ms.,

  this is to introduce mr. frank jones, our new marketing

  specialist who will be in london from april 5 to mid april on business.

  we shall appreciate any help you can give mr. jones and will always be happy to reciprocate.

  yours faithfully,








  dear xxx,

  this is to introduce mr.frank jones, our new marketing specialist who will be

  in london from april 5 to mid april on business. we shall appreciate any help you can give mr. jones and will always be happy to

  reciprocate. yours faithfully,












  to whom it may concern:

  cheri jackson is an extraordinary young woman. as her ap english professor, i have seen many examples of her talent and have long been impressed by her diligence and work ethic.

  i understand that cheri is applying to the undergraduate program at your school. i would like to recommend her for admission.

  cheri has outstanding organizational skills. she is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. as part of a semester project, she developed an innovative collaborative novel with her classmates. this book is now being considered for publication.

  cheri not only headed the project, she ensured its success by demonstrating leadership abilities that her classmates both admired and respected.

  i must also make note of cheris exceptional academic performance. out of a class of 150 students, cheri graduated with honors in the top 10. her above-average performance is a direct result of her hard work and strong focus.

  if your undergraduate program is seeking superior candidates with a record of achievement, cheri is an excellent choice. she has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she must face.

  to conclude, i would like to restate my strong recommendation for cheri jackson. if you have any further questions regarding cheris ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information on this letterhead.



  dear mr. / ms.,

  this is to introduce mr. frank jones, our new marketing specialist who will be in london from april 5 to mid april on business.

  we shall appreciate any help you can give mr. jones and will always be happy to reciprocate.

  yours faithfully,

  yang ning


  Dear Mr. / ms:

  We now recommend our marketing specialist,Mr. Frank Jones.He will stay in London from April 15 to mid April on business.We would appreciate any help you have provided Mr. Jones and would be very happy to pay you back.

  Your sincere friend.

  * * * * *